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Step 2:  Research your Topic.

Scientists begin their experiments by learning as much as they can about the topic they are interested in.  Read books, magazines, and search the internet for information about your subject.  Find out what others are doing and improve on their work.

Scientists will often duplicate the experiments of others before beginning their own work.  They try to expand on the work of others to increase scientific knowledge.

Your Science Research Paper

You may be required to write a Science Research Paper.  This is different from your project report.  This research paper is a well organized composition containing information from your reading of books, magazines, websites, and other sources.  It deals with research information that has a direct relationship to your project.  You will include information about work that has been done on the subject and your own thoughts and ideas about the subject.

How will I write the Research Paper?

First, get information from your teacher about the specific requirements for your paper.  He or she may require a specific style for the paper.  If no specific style is required, check out these sites about how to write a research paper.



You will need a bibliography which details your sources.  Prepare an outline, then your first draft.  It is a good idea to have other people, such as your parents, teachers, or other persons with good writing skills read your paper and suggest changes to mistakes they see.  Then you can proceed to your final copy. 

Some things to remember:

Type the final copy or write in ink.  Check with your teacher for requirements

Be sure that your paper is spotless with no erasures, smears, or other mistakes.

Have someone proofread your paper before turning it in.

Place your completed paper in a plain folder, or one that you have decorated according to your subject.

DO NOT write your name on your report folder, unless specifically instructed to by your teacher.  Most Science Fairs have specific rules about how your project is identified WITHOUT   your name on it.  (This is to ensure that judging is unbiased.)

Be sure to include all sources in your Bibliography, and give credit to anyone who helped you.

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