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How is my Science Fair Project Judged?

Judges will score your project in the following areas:

Scientific Thought

bulletDoes the choice of subject matter show appropriate scientific thought? 
bulletDoes the project try to solve a real problem?
bulletIs the problem conveyed clearly? 
bulletDid you show good problem solving skills?
bulletIs the experiment appropriate to the problem?
bullet Has the experiment been developed with proper use of variables, controls, and scientific thought? 
bulletDoes the data justify the conclusions?


bulletIs the project original and creative?
bulletHas the student shown creativity in the design of the experiment and in the display design?


bulletDoes the student demonstrate a thorough understanding of the problem? 
bulletWas the research thorough?  Did you use a variety of reliable sources?
bulletIs the material presented accurate? 
bulletWas the project well planned and executed? 
bulletIs the journal complete? 
bulletIs there sufficient data to justify the conclusions? 
bulletDoes the display tell the whole story?
bulletAre all sources credited?

Technical Skill

bulletIs the project entirely the work of the student? 
bulletIf the student received help, is this noted? 
bulletIs all the material within the students level of understanding? 
bulletIs the project well constructed? 
bulletWere all safety precautions followed?


bulletCan I easily understand the project? 
bulletIs the project clearly described? 
bulletAre visuals appropriately used to convey the project? 
bulletOr do they confuse? 
bulletIs the lettering and wording clear and consise? 

Dramatic Value

bulletDo the components of the display work together to give a pleasing impression? 
bulletAre the colors and placements pleasing to the eye? 

Remember that the judge has many projects to judge so your exhibit should convey your project quickly through an excellent visual display.  If the judge has to read the whole report, he may lose interest and score the project accordingly.  I have seen projects with excellent experiments that were unable to convey what was done to the judges.  Unfortunately, projects that should have otherwise received top prizes went unnoticed because of a poor display that does not accurately convey what was done.  You have spent a lot of time and effort on your project.  Don't skimp on the display, and DON'T try to throw the display together on the bus at the last minute!

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