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The following links take you to another website which contains some completed projects by 6th and 7th grade students.  These are excellent projects, our congratulations to these students!

6th Grade Projects:

bullet JennyLyn A.- Dry Cleaning vs. Wet Cleaning 
bulletMorgen A.- Level of Nitrogen vs. Plant Growth 
bullet Nichole A.- Temperature vs. Mold Growth on Bread 
bulletEmily B.-Pierce vs. Yakima County Soil Types
bulletRob B.-Pollutants vs. Daphnia Survival
bulletEric D.- Acid Rain vs. Plant Growth 
bulletJohn H.- Number and Size of Blades on Wind Turbine vs. Electrical Output 
bullet Caitlin H.- Stain Remover on White Cotton 
bullet Mckenzie H.- Shampoos vs. Strength of Hair 
bulletSam J.-Computer Speed Variables
bulletAaron J.- KingPost vs. QueenPost Truss Strength 
bulletAlex K.- Sandbag Material vs. Floodwater Flow
bullet Heather K.-Nylon vs. Polyester Hot Air Balloons
bulletMary L.- Word Color on Memory Retention 
bullet Glynnis O.- Worms, Moisture, and Plant Growth
bulletJordan P.- Building Design vs. Earthquakes
bullet Kaitlyn S.-Temperature vs. Crystal Growth
bulletBree S.- Temperature vs. Volume of Gasses
bulletLacey T.- Window Cleaners vs. Stains
bullet Vanessa W.- Diaper Absorbency
bulletDan W.- Type of Insulation vs. Heat Retention
bulletJacob Z.- Flammability of Fabrics
bulletJacob Z.- Type of Cheese vs. Mold Growth


7th Grade Projects:

bullet Jonathan A.- Vitamin A vs. Bacteria in Sunflowers
bulletKyle A.- Antiseptic vs. Bacteria
bulletElisa B.- To Which Flavor Are Ants Attracted?
bulletNathan B.- Strength of Truss Bridge Designs
bulletMatt B.- Best Materials for Mars Temperatures
bullet Ashleigh B.- Wind Speed and Blade Design on Windmill Output
bulletNicole B.- Phosphorus vs. Photosynthesis
bullet Christi C.- Ice Cube Shape vs. Melting Rate 
bulletAly C.- Stream Location vs. Pollution Levels 
bullet Monique C.- Music Type vs. Naptime Behavior 
bulletMegan C.- Bridge Design vs. Mass Supported 
bulletAshley D.- Gender vs. Reaction Time 
bulletJorden D.- Arrow Mass vs. Penetrating Depth 
bulletMike E.- Blade Size and Shape vs. Windmill Output 
bulletAshley E.- Light Color vs. Photosynthesis
bullet Bethany G.-Photo Film vs. Light Tolerance
bullet Cristal G.- Water Turbidity vs. Dissolved Oxygen
bulletTrevor G.- X-ray Shielding of Materials
bulletBryan G.- Lens Type vs. UV Light Absorption
bulletAustin H.- Natural Insecticides vs. Crickets
bulletBlaine H.-Weight and Hull Shape vs. Sinking Rate
bullet Carissa H.-Water Temp vs. Color in Spyrogyra
bullet Michael H.- Soil Temperature Vs. Seed Sprouting
bulletErik J.- Bridge Design vs. Strength
bulletEvan J.- Chemical Deicer vs. Auto Part Corrosion
bulletCody J.- Pollutants vs. Daphnia Survival
bulletMara L.- Growth Media vs. Pineapple
bulletCody N.- Pea Disease Of Central WA
bulletKelli M.- Bean Size vs. Germination Rate
bullet Jennifer M.- Temperature vs. Crystal Growth
bulletKyle M.- Cleansers vs. Tooth Stains
bulletMike M.- Detergents vs. Brassica rapa.
bulletSteven P.- Highway Sound Barrier Design
bulletEmily P.- Biologically Safe Anti-Freeze
bulletAndrea R.-Water vs. Soil on Plant Growth
bullet Vanessa R.- Bleach vs., Radish Growth
bulletShari S.- Gender vs. Resting Pulse Rate
bullet Briston T.-Shock Absorber Damping
bulletKatie W.- Light Color vs. Radish Growth
bulletLaura W.- Accuracy of Egg Measurement

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