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Begin planning your science project as soon as possible.  Many projects take several weeks to complete, and must be started early.  You need to plan the project so that it will be at its optimum during the science fair.  Alternately, you could take pictures of your results to display at the fair.

A sample 8 week schedule for completing your project might look like this:

Week 1:  Brainstorm ideas, choose your topic and narrow it down to a workable question.  Start researching your topic and compile a Bibliography of sources.

Week 2:  Prepare an outline of your research report, if required.  Plan your experiments.  Plan for a control and for multiple trials.

Weeks 3-5:  Finish the research report.  Begin work on your experiments early to allow time for repeats or variations if needed.    Keep a logbook of everything you do in your experiments.

Week 6:  Complete your experiments and logbook.  Begin planning your display presentation and oral presentation if required.  Take pictures, make graphs and charts.

Week 7:  Finish your display and practice your oral presentation.  Make a science fair checklist of everything you need to take to the Science Fair.  Take note of space and electrical requirements. 

Week 8:  Enjoy the Science Fair.  You are Prepared!


Of course, your schedule may vary from this.  You may have more or less time, or you may have procrastinated and have only one weekend to finish this project. 


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