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Tell the story of your project - tell what you did and exactly how you did it.  This report is different from your research report and should include the following:

Title Page

Give your project a descriptive name.  Follow the guidelines given to you by your teacher or the Fair about what to display on the Title page of your report.  Be especially careful about whether and how your name is to be displayed.  For judging purposes, many fairs require that your name not appear on the project.

Table of Contents

After you have finished your report, make a table of contents that lists what is included in the report and on what page it is found. 


Write a good descriptive introduction about your project.  This introduction should sum up your whole project.  Write a paragraph that completely tells what your project is about.  Some people introduce their project by writing one sentence about each of the areas of the scientific method.  You will develop these ideas more in the rest of the report.


Your hypothesis is the purpose of your experiment.  Tell what you are testing and what you expect to happen and why.


Give a list of materials used and details of the experiment you did.  Tell step by step exactly what you did.  What were your variables?  What was your control?  Use your journal or logbook to help you.


Display your data.  Tell what you observed. 


Tell how you interpret the results of your experiment.  What does your data show?  Was it what you expected?  State the limitations of your experiment and how you might improve it the next time.  Your conclusions are your opinions about what happened.  If the experiment did not work the way you expected it to, say so. 


Your bibliography is a list of sources you used to prepare for and do your project.  List all research books, pamphlets, and websites (don't forget this one).  Give credit to people who may have given you information or help.  Be sure to check with your teacher or the fair rules for information on exactly how to write the bibliography.

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