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A Checklist for Science Fair Day

If you want a prizewinning science fair project, it is important to prepare properly.  Use this checklist as a starting point.  This is not a complete list, as every project is different.  It is likely that unforseen things may happen along the way to the science fair.  For this reason we have provided a list of things you may want to take with you for repairs.  Think about your own project; imagine yourself setting it up at the fair.  What goes where?  List everything that you will need.  Set the project up at home and draw a sketch of what goes where. Then imagine everything that could possibly go wrong and make provisions for those things as well.  Remember, if your project involves animals, you must make provisions for them.  If electricity is required at the fair, you need to check its availability in advance.

Display:  (See our Your Display page for more information)

bulletDisplay Board
bulletcut to proper size:  check height, width, and depth
bullethinged for folding
bulletstands on its on
bulletfinished and professional looking
bulletSamples or models for display
bulletyou have followed your teachers instructions for placing or not placing your name on the display.


bulletincludes abstract or report
bulletincludes logbook or journal
bulletincludes research paper
bulletexperiment or experimental materials are ready to be set up as part of display
bulletcopy of your Oral Presentation or notes
bulleta set-up checklist specific to your project for use at project site
bulletmachines and other operating equipment shielded for safety
bulletprovisions have been made for proper housing, food and water for animals
bulletif animals are involved you may want to take pictures rather than the animal to the fair
bulletprovisions for proper care of plants

Electrical (if needed):

bulletelectrical outlet and extention cords if needed
bulletelectrical wiring correctly done and covered

For emergency repairs:

bulletwhite out
bulletclear tape and duct tape
bulletextra labels or lettering

Transportation to the site:

bulletHow will you get your project to the fair?  If you are traveling on the bus, consider having your project dropped at the site.  Unfortunately, projects have been damaged or parts lost during travel on the school bus.

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