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Welcome to MidHighScience.com! We are teachers who love science and the fun of learning! We want to help you to have a very successful middle school science fair project!   Bookmark this site, so you can refer to it regularly as you prepare your science fair project for Middle School Science Fair SUCCESS!

Click on a link at left to begin to prepare for your middle school science fair project.  We have included ideas for science fair projects, steps for planning your science fair project, guidelines for preparing your reports and display for your science project.  Be sure to check the judging page to discover what the science fair judges are looking for!

Be sure to follow the scientific method and your project will be a success.  But, in the unlikely event that something went wrong, check out the didn't work page. 

Don't know where to start?  Check out the Sample Projects page for examples of successful 6th Grade Science Fair Projects and 7th Grade Science Fair Projects.  These students have done excellent work. 


Our Mission

We want to help you with the details of learning science so that the drudgery is gone and that sense of adventure and fun returns.  Your science fair project should be a fun project that helps you learn about something you are interested in.  We are here to help you achieve that reality.

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